This DLC is a complete retexturing of the existing DCS World Caucasus map to provide a new and improved look and feel. The objective of this DLC is not just to create more modern graphics, but to also make the map more resemble this geographic region. This has been accomplished by basing most of the textures on satellite images of the Caucasus region. Specially, the fields and grass areas much better match this region than the default map textures.

Beyond that, a great deal of time and effort has done into creating new building textures. They are high resolution now and are also based on the actual region. This is also true for the trees, surface textures beneath urban areas, and of course the mountains. These are remarkable changes to giving this map a huge level of improvement.

This DLC also contains features that are less apparent, such as: all the lua files (files for terrain configuration) has been improved, better road textures, updated noise and clutter textures, and the border textures between fields.


  • Noise/base textures in for all seasons
  • Overall HD building textures for all buildings 
  • Completely new field and grass textures for all seasons based on satellite images
  • Tree textures for all seasons with a volumetric look
  • Mountain textures based on satellite images for all seasons
  • Distant terrain textures for all seasons
  • New textures/noise for all cities, towns, and industrial areas for all seasons
  • Border textures for all seasons
  • New road textures for all seasons
  • Adjusted terrain configuration files


Version 2.0:

head2The texture pack is on hold until the amount of 2000$ is reached. Then the T3 package will we provided for the whole community for free. When the amount of donations will reach 3000 $, I will release the T4 package under the same conditions.

Please be aware that this is not only a mod, even it has lost its official status, contentwise it is still a DLC. I put more than a year of work into this, many rounds of corrections with Eagle Dynamics and and a lot of attention to detail. But the main feature is that I always followed my personal guideline: Passion for quality.

That is why I can’t just give it out for free. I hope you understand.


head3If you want to this DLC to be released, please donate! The minimum amount is $ 10. This was the original price for the DLC. It is very easy and comfortable via PayPal.

Thank you for your support!






Finally I am very proud to announce that the DLC for DCS versions 1.5.x is ready for download:




Due to the fact that this DLC contains several lua-files (config files) which will overwrite the core files, there is no better way than installing it via JSGME. A very detailed guide how to install can be found in the forum:


So please follow these instructions first.

Download the DLC via the button “Download Caucasus DLC 1.5.x”

Unzip content.

Drag and drop the folder “Caucasus Map DLC by Starway” into your JGMSE-mods-folder

You should now see the folder “Caucasus Map DLC by Starway”  listened under “Available mods”. Klick on it and than press the first button with the arrow pointing to the right. The folder will then move to the right side. That’s it. Enjoy your flight!

An alternative way would be to drag and drop the content of the zip into your main DCS folder and overwrite if asked. But than you have to repeat this procedure after every update and your original files will be lost without a backup.



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